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My name is Beth Whitaker. I am a group fitness Instructor at the Keller location. I teach HIIT at 6:30PM On Mondays

On this Journey my goals are to make the best of our workouts, keep them challenging all while having fun! I started my love for fitness in High School and love the physical and emotional challenges we face when exercising. For me, exercise was all mental therapy since I have ADHD,  starting my day with a good workout gives me my sanity. I was a special ed teacher for 12 years, and have always had a passion for helping others and celebrating with them through their successes, large or small. Fitness is also where I have met the best of friends through events that I had participated in: half-marathons, one full marathon, triathlons, strength training, soccer, softball, etc.

Through all of this, I learned the most effective ways to stay in shape, how important it is to continually educate yourself on new and innovative workouts, working out as a group seems so much more effective in so many ways.

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