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My name is Crystal Szymonik,  I teach Thursday mornings at the North Richland Hills location.I teach INSANITY at 8:30 and PiYo at 9:30. I’ve been teaching group fitness since 2012. I have a passion for helping people realize how strong they are physically and mentally because I just love seeing that look of accomplishment on people’s faces. At my heaviest I weighed in at 230lbs. I completely understand the struggles and frustration that many people encounter on their own fitness journey. I’m still in progress and always will be, my personal goal is to never go back to where I came from and to stay active, healthy, and to set an example of how to live that lifestyle realistically for my kids. I currently am in my 6th and final season of roller derby, so I’m sure I’ll be looking for a new active hobby soon. My goal for my fit family- you awesome people that make my “job” so enjoyable is to help you achieve your goals and understand that staying dedicated and committed to the process does pay off and you can even still be human and have a cookie now and then. I want to help people realize that their fitness is measured in many ways other than just the number on the scale. And that you can learn to embrace that glorious muscle burn.

Come see me Thursday mornings!

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