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My Name is Mandye Bowers. I am a group fitness Instructor at NRH location.

I Teach U-JAM at 6:00Pm on Tuesdays.

My fitness journey: I was not an active kid. I didn’t eat well and was overweight. I became more active as a teenager and shed some of the weight. I danced growing up and have always loved it. As an adult I began to go to the gym. I started off with step aerobics and enjoyed the challenge of the choreography. I continued to dance as adult but it was harder to find classes catered to just adults. Zumba came on to the scene and I was hooked. It combined dancing with a good cardio workout. I started attending classes and my confidence grew. I decided to become an instructor since I was always in the gym taking classes. I became certified in many different cardio dance formats over the years. One day I went to a UJam class that was offered. After that first class I knew I found another format that I could love. I loved the intense cardio that it offers, the more complex choreography and the feeling of belonging to a family that lifts one another up. Both of these formats bring me great joy. I find joy in the movement of my body and the camaraderie of the students.
I hope my students find that same joy in the movement of their bodies. I hope they find love, acceptance and unity in my class. And I hope they know what an honor it is to lead them to the beat of the music.

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